Does Latent Amorality Matter?

When someone writes a moral treatise for the instruction and edification of the world, and they make it the length of a hefty novel for people with bare attention spans for tweets, does that person actually want it read?  The minimum length of a novel is typically 40,000 words; Amoris Laetitia, a work supposedly written for Catholics, is over 57,000.  Even with how meanderingly verbose it is, many people have managed to decipher and analyze its contents.  The vital parts were picked apart and exposed, leading to desperate excuses to cover the many problems.

One thing I noticed was “amoral” had been spelt incorrectly.  The entire work has a humanistic obsession with “love”.  It exploits the word family, utilizing it as a self-identifying term, so that anyone can consider themselves in a family.  Everyone, now, has the rights and privileges of a familial unit and should (must) be treated as such: no matter how “irregular” their situation.

Holy Mother Church used to call things “mortal sin”.  The New Evangelization Revival Church of Mercy now calls it “irregularity”, and it does not prevent one from being a “living member”.  In the Holy Catholic faith, being a living member of the church is not one who is breathing, but one who is living in a state of grace.  There is no mortal sin tainting their souls.  In the New Evangelization Revival Church of Mercy, being a living member of the church means you have a pulse, self-identify as Catholic, and consider going to church services as “a general good”.

We were originally informed at the beginning of the Synod that the Synod itself was not binding.  It would be the exhortation at the end, which would be the final binding word.  Now that it has crash landed and left a gaping, smouldering ruin of the magisterium, canon law and scripture, there is much back peddling.  The claim is that the document is not binding, but simply an opinion, made by the head of the Church, on what he wants to see in his church.  This itself makes it binding.  While it is true it is not “infallible”, church teaching and law is explicitly clear, that when the Pope instructs and teaches the entire church, such as in an exhortation, it is binding on the faithful.  The laity do not get to pick and choose what they believe and do not believe, what laws are right and what laws are wrong; this is Protestant.  If the Pope commands, teaches, instructs, even “suggests”, and does so publicly to the Church-At-Large, then it is binding and obligatory for the masses to obey.  To disobey a proclamation to the entire church, is schism.

Before the whining misquotes begin: a private command to sin from a Pope is not a public declaration to the masses.  Remember, all prelates no matter their rank, are supposed to go to confession.  No man is above sin.  Even cloistered nuns have confession, some of them daily.  A Pope can be a horrible man and love sin and even want others to join him.  Refusing such commands or requests is to refuse a sinner and to deny sin; this is good.  No Pope, however, can command the entire Church to sin.  Further and as distasteful as it is, a Pope can, privately, hold heresy in his heart.  No Pope, however, can declare heresy to the worlds’ faithful.

This is why Amoris Laetitia does not matter.  Latent Amorality does not matter.  This document serves what people want.  It serves the new mammon, gratuitous fornication and sacrifice to Moloch.  People know what the Church teaches, they simply do not care.  They know this contradicts not just Church teaching, but Christ himself.  No one actually wants to follow what the Church says, what God Himself taught us: they want edification and validation, no matter how false and transparent and artificial it is, to excuse their adultery, contraception and abortion, fornication and sodomy.

To even begin to take the time to analyze this massive, mind numbing document, would require that the New Evangelization Revival Church of Mercy cares about Christ, His Church, the teachings of said Church and the acknowledgement that objective truth and sins exist.  Otherwise all analyzing does, besides waste time, is to confirm what the New Evangelization Revival Church of Mercy actually wants, accepts and is actively pushing.  There are no mistakes in this document, it says exactly what they want it to say.