Death Saves Money

CBC, assisted deaths save millions $$$
I think this is about where we are at.

We are now reducing people to how much they cost.  If old people can save the government money, then doesn’t it make sense?  They should save us money and if that means dying to do so, so be it.  What about sick people?  They cost the medical system money.  Why don’t we just leave them to die to save money?  Cancer patients?  Why treat them, they’ll probably die anyway, and think of the savings!  

Parliament votes themselves raises for doing nothing but ruining the country, empoverishing the people, and sitting around preening.  Better kill granny to save some cash, those raises have to be funded by something.

Think about it for a bit.  Killing old people, sick people, also called euthanasia, is being promoted as a way to save money.  Can someone remind me what the love of money is?
Oh yes, the root of all evil.

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