Sin-od of Marxism

So the word is out! Apparently the church is saved! Yaaaaay.

Or not.

The very fact any of these things were even spoken about proves how far the church has fallen. This is three steps forward two steps back. Pushing as hard as they can, then “reeling” themselves back in to “be conservative”. It’s a typical, well practised Marxist ploy. Every time, they gain a little ground, and the masses follow.

As for the person chittering about annulments not being Catholic divorce. (These are all USA numbers, not global). Yes, when 338 were given out in 1968, those were annulments, very hard to get. Annulment means the marriage never sacramentally existed, it never happened. Seeing as it is very easy to have a sacramental marriage and almost impossible in church law to have an invalid marriage, the number SHOULD be low. In 1974 it jumped to 28,000. That’s a difference of two things: only 8 -eight- years and Vatican II. Suddenly over 27,000 people could seek civil divorce, saying they were not really “church married”. 

This is clearly allowing for divorce.

In 2012 there were 24,010 cases. (1990s had been 2-3x this number, depending on year).

Following trends, as we are wont to do, by making it easier to get an annulment, there will be a massive spike in “annulments”. Ignoring obviously that Christ said no man can pull apart what God has put together.

When we say Catholic divorce, this is what we are saying. People who go get their divorce paperwork done, by the 10s of thousands, and then submit it to the Church, to have it rubber stamped. They are facilitating divorce, even if you want to call it annulment.

An annulment, again, means the marriage NEVER existed. This only happens if you were forced into the marriage, or one of the parties didn’t intend to be married (extremely hard to prove – claims of it after he finds a new love toy, that he never meant it, notwithstanding), or a prenup. 

If you are prepared enough that you got a dress, tux, caterers, rented a hall or reception area, sent out invitations, got a priest, did a rehearsal, went shoe shopping, got makeup and hair done, then walked willingly down the aisle and said the vows: you are married. You are married no matter how many civil divorces you have and you are married no matter how much you think you hate each other.

That is scripture, that is church law, and those are Christ’s words.