Lost Innocence

It isn’t just America anymore.  First we had a parade.  Then we had to have an entire festival and a week of “pride”.  Then many of our crosswalks were made into rainbow stripes.  It was so “beloved” they’re permanent fixtures.  This wasn’t enough, however.  Now our city has drag queens with inappropriate names, reading stories to and speaking with very young children.  Stories with sexual titles (Mary had a Little Clam, for example) parading sexuality to children.  Not one drag queen, but a whole line of them.

I know I’m an evil bigot for not wanting to sexualise children.  This is hyper sexualization and everyone seems dandy with it.  We have antibiotic resistant gonorrhea and in the gay community rampant hiv/aids, and last I heard, exploding hep.  Perhaps some people think I’m over stating this, but consider: drag queens are performing sexual expression. Look at their dress and their makeup.  It’s not dress up.  The purpose is of a sexual nature, even if they repress it.  The very entity of the drag queen is sexual.  Then look at the whole idea of “pride” itself.  Gay pride is people literally being proud, delighting in and taking meaning from, whom they have sex with.  No healthy person should ever be forming their identity, marching, celebrating or including children in who they are having sex with.

Gay pride and the whole idea of identifying as gay is identifying as someone who has a certain type of sex with certain people and lives in a certain way pursuant to the physical homosexual act.  No healthy normal person identifies and bases their personhood on who their jibbly bits go inside of.  Most people do not identify as who they have sex with.  It is a part of their lives and if anyone really wanted this to be about “love” (which marriage is not, sorry kids), most people wouldn’t be able to tell who was in a gay relationship, who was straight, who was single, etc.  If everyone simply lived their lives and didn’t form identities by who they have sex with and then have to tell absolutely everyone else and rub it in their faces there wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

Instead, our families and cities are being forced to embrace and watch live action porn every year.  If anyone tried to show public films of the things we make children witness during “pride”, there’d likely be criminal charges.  Why are we forcing our children into more and more sexual situations and forcing them to think it’s normal? Why are we so obsessed with sexually perverting our children.  THIS IS CHILD ABUSE.

Whatever happened to the idea that “what two consenting adults do in their bedroom is none of your business”?  When you take it out of the bedroom, it’s now my business. When you start involving children, it’s my business.  When people who don’t want to be involved are forced into acceptance by threat of legal action by the government, it’s my business.  How is this about consenting adults anymore, when you’ve got CHILDREN involved?


Sin-od Over

The focus of this drama, has been marriage.  Apparently this entire event is on “The Family”, and ways we can change “The Family”.  The appearance of it has been on how to accept everything in the secular world.  The secular world opposes Christ, scripture and His doctrines through Holy Mother Church.  In reality, “The Synod on the Family” would be more accurately rendered “The Synod on Everything Except The Family”.  We have the full spectrum of input from special interest groups, Catholics, atheists, the media, cardinals; they all desire a discussion on gay “marital” union, and divorce.  The very fact we can even have an evident discussion by prelates purportedly representing God Himself proves the failure of the Modernist Church.  No synod was needed, no discussion giving legitimacy to even the bare idea of such heresies and vulgarities. 

On the indissolubility of marriage: Mark 10:8-12, Matthew 19:9, Luke 16:18 (all variances on the same verse), 1 Corinthians 7:10, 11.  [I will add all verses presume the natural law of man and woman marrying, as the purpose is of a sexual nature, thus for the production of offspring; further, Genesis 1:28, 3:16 (the last here is a “proofs in the pudding”, kind of proof).]

If the Church truly cared about her sheep and was a loving Shepherd, that is all we would have needed.  No contrivances, no mental games.  Instead we are handed two years of garbled doublespeak, permission of sin in the disguise of “mercy” (ignoring Catholic teaching: true mercy is to prevent, or the aid in turning way from, sin), and all sides at the end declaring victory over a muddy, bloody, ruined battlefield where each side has salted the earth.  Everyone with a keyboard has said something, every blog and writer (I hesitate to utilize the word journalist) has already commented on all these events.  Some have the documents up in English already.

The one no one has spoken of, except in passing in a “women priests” moment before being dropped, is the section on “Women”.  Here is the pertinent translation:

27. The woman has a crucial role in the life of the person, the family and society. “Each human person owes his or her life to a mother, and almost always owes her much of his or her very existence, and his or her human and spiritual formation,” (Francis, General Audience, January 7, 2015). The mother guards the memory and the feelings of birth for a lifetime: “But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Lk 2,19.51). It remains true, however, that the status of women in the world is subject to large differences arising primarily from socio-cultural factors. The dignity of women needs to be defended and promoted. It is not simply a problem of resources, but of a different cultural perspective, as highlighted by the plight of women in many emerging countries. In many contexts, still, being a woman provokes discrimination: The gift of motherhood is penalized rather than valued. On the other hand, a woman’s sterility, in some cultures, is a condition that leads to social discrimination.  We shouldn’t forget the growing phenomena of violence in which women are victims within the family. The exploitation of women and violence to their bodies are often linked to abortion and forced sterilization. Added to this is the negative consequences of practices related to procreation, such as surrogacy, or the commercialization of gametes and embryos. The emancipation of women requires a rethinking of the tasks of spouses in their reciprocity and a shared responsibility in family life. The desire for a child at any cost has not resulted in happier or stronger family relations, but in many cases has actually exacerbated the inequality between women and men. A greater appreciation of their responsibilities within the Church can contribute to the social recognition of the role of women: their involvement in decision-making, their participation in the government of some institutions, and their involvement in the formation of ordained ministers.

Section 27 was adopted by a vote of 251 to 9.

This is likely the most important part of the entire Synod.  Without this, and the gradual climb towards this, no other part of the Synod would even be possible.  It will be the most ignored and under rated part of the document.  It will go with a few snide remarks, or praise, depending on how much you love or hate the Faith, respectively.  However, this is why we are in this situation.  The destruction of the family, the allowance of any form of genital union being deemed “marriage”, to the point where the Catholic Church ostensibly had to give it enough credibility to discuss whether it is a sacramental marriage or not, the very idea of divorce whatsoever, the ease of annulments, the allowance of mortal sinners to communion: it all starts here.  The entire failure of society begins with our trashing and denigrating of women.

I will be dissecting this paragraph.  It shocks me that a base female layperson can see the glaring scriptural theological error within the first few lines, and yet it is delivered by men who are supposed to be learned in the Faith.  For shame.